The VariPOINT Story

Our software development team was contacted from a Home Owner’s Association and asked if they would be interested in both designing and building an information system that would help them to manage their maintenance responsibilities at a 135-unit property. As a first step, our team asked the HOA to organize a small steering committee comprised of maintenance personnel, onsite management, outside contractors and a principal from a local Reserve Specialist organization.


This group came to us because they couldn’t find the simple, common sense system 

After several meetings we soon realized that to do a proper job software alone was not going to be the answer. We felt that a properly designed system needed to be able to accomplish three important objectives. First it had to provide a disciplined process for conducting the initial condition assessment of key facility components. It needed to be an aide to maintenance personnel as they work to identify outstanding repair requirements that currently exist within the complex. What needs repair now and is only going to get worse if not repaired in the near term.


Second, what materials and equipment are currently in a good state; but whose useful life would be dramatically extended if they were the subject of a preventive maintenance program.


Third we needed to be able to bring all this information together into a simple, easy to use information system; that would provide this information in a timely fashion to everyone who needs it.

This was how the VariPOINT Maintenance Management System came into being. Common sense software delivered through a standard web browser, a library of maintenance standards and a checklist to guide the condition assessment process.